Car news 2018

Restyled Lada Granta, modernized UAZ "Patriot", as well as big and smart "Gazel-Next": "Auto with Mail.Ru" made the list of the prime minister, who prepare our car factories

Car news 2018

Of course, the main passenger premiere of the outgoing year should recognize vazovskie universals Lada Vesta - normal and off-road. The appearance of these cars debut overshadowed all other novelties "smaller caliber," among them - the anniversary of Lada 4x4, as well as the new performance Exclusive, which can be enjoyed for Vesta sedan and SUV XRAY.

UAZ has broken a long tradition: normally every summer Ulyanovsk rolling out another update, "The Patriot." This year, the planned modernization missed. But for a good reason - the factory workers forces were sent to prepare a new business model "Professional" - is created from the "Patriot" truck, able to take on board the 1 370 kg of cargo.

Powerfully acted GAZ Group. On Comtrans exhibition shows several concepts, including extreme off-road cars, they dream dzhipery, and in the fall on the conveyor Gorky Automobile rose "heavy" version of the "Gazelle-Next" and "Lawn-Next". And this is only part of the Prime Minister! "Gazelle-business" has gone through modernization, "the Next-Gazelle" has tried a box-automatic ...

Car news 2018

The GAZ Group also includes a car factory "Ural". Last submitted trucks "Ural-Next" class "mix-usage" - the so-called technique, which is suitable for asphalt and off-road. And another Russian producer of trucks - KAMAZ - surprise concept fundamentally new model ... Whether more will be! 2018 domestic car industry is also preparing a lot of novelties.

Aurus family: a car for the President (and not only)

Aurus - is the brand name under which, most likely, will be presented the project cars "Cortege". The first batch had to ship the garage of the Federal Security Service this week, but confirmation of this yet. A full-fledged debut of "main trends" held in the spring - during the inauguration of the elected president of Russia.

Car news 2018

The numerous leaks, we know almost exactly what the "motorcade": the network published patent exterior and interior images, photos preproduction sample, and to disclose the technical characteristics ... However, the leak leak, and live to see "the first Russian premium "will be very interesting!

Lada Granta: will be restyled and a new version of

The first thing the audience will get a sedan Granta City. As assured "Russian car", "city" popular sedan version will feature custom color (most likely, will choose the color of the range SUV XRAY) and a modified interior design with inserts on the door panels, colored stitching, dyeing deflectors and other modifications.

Car news 2018

In the summer should not expect a full restyling! The above-mentioned "Russian car" predicts that the "Kalina" as a separate vazovskiy brand will cease to exist. In turn, all the models on the platform of "Kalina / Grant" will be called the Lada Granta: sedan, wagon, liftbek and possibly hatchback (which can disappear from the model line).

Lada Vesta: there will be more options

The following year, finally, to debut "charged" Vesta Sport: 1, 8-liter aspirated withdraw 149 liters. a., in the design of the car will implement modified drivetrain and suspension, body design osportivyat cocky bodywork and interior in vestovsky installs other seats, steering wheel and other parts needed to build a "racing mood".

Car news 2018

Do you prefer sporty off-road routes native? Judging from the spy shots, AvtoVAZ is preparing a new kind of "West Cross" - is not universal, and sedan. This is not surprising: fittings and suspension parts can be taken from the wagon, with cheap and easily create an entirely new class of cars for the domestic market.

UAZ "Professional": Finally, should appear diesel

Ulyanovsk testing a new truck, "Auto with Mail.Ru" twice to notice that the machine has a good appetite - a one and a half tons of cargo fuel consumption up to 20 liters per 100 kilometers. In this case, Ulyanovsk admitted that they still can not find a cheap diesel ... But do not take that offer! As the "Auto Mail.Ru", diesel "almost found a".

Car news 2018

In Ulyanovsk considering Japanese Isuzu series RZ4E volume 1, 9 liters which develops 150 liters. from. power and 350 Nm of torque. With manual transmission is not clear: The Japanese are ready to supply its 6-speed manual transmission, but it is possible that UAZ wants dock familiar pyatistupku Dymos (which is placed on the "Pros" now).

UAZ "Patriot": important, but the expected innovations

It's all expected. UAZ "Patriot" in due course try on the engine ZMZ PRO - 150 hp aspirated, which recently made its debut on a commercial pickup truck "Professional". Exact terms of the introduction of a more powerful power unit, created from the deserved motor ZMZ-409, is not reported, but major upgrades UAZ usually introduces summer.

Car news 2018

is also possible and the appearance of the front axle of the upgraded model "Pro" - the main feature of this assembly are the other knuckles, providing a smaller turning radius, as the wheel angle deviation will grow 6º. And yet "on the big secret" Ulyanovsk reported that work on the introduction of a pay box.

"Gazel-Next": a huge truck and much more

GAS finally brought to market a version of the "Gazelle", which can be downloaded 2, 6 tons. But if now the "Gazel-Next 4.6" (index is the total weight) is only on-board, it will soon be all-metal wagon, and not only the standard dimensions of a volume 13, 5 cubic meter, but also increased where vlezut record 15, 5 "cube".

Car news 2018

In general, the "Gazelle" is waiting for a lot of innovations! We will have to evaluate how folksvagenovsky turbodiesel 2.0 TDI will fall under the hood "NEXT", and carefully examine how will work driver assistance systems - GAZ is planning to implement on the "Gazelle" and "Parkland" a whole range of modern electronic assistants.

"Sadko-Next": successor "shishiga" appears early

All-wheel drive "Lawn-Next" to enter the market under the name of "Sadko-Next". This car was first shown in the summer of 2014, after which the gas took a break, first had to put on the conveyor rear-wheel drive version of the new "Lawn", and then take on all-wheel drive. Guide Gorky Automobile Plant wisely postponed the start of new items until 2019.

Car news 2018

But, having received a large order, gazovtsam had to speed up the work, and the launch of new products in 2018 was moved to the second. It is known that with the change of generations Capacity models grow to three tons (1,000 kg), requiring amplification rear axle and frame. In this first edition of "Sadko-Next" will be right-hand drive - it is for such cars has left pre-order an unknown client.

KAMAZ: waiting for a powerful modern diesel

In 2018 KAMAZ plans to launch a fundamentally new family of diesel engines - row "sixes" a volume of 12 liters and different capacity: from 380 to 550 liters. from. (Torque - from 1700 to 2540 Nm). For the military and forced all preparing multi-fuel version, equipped with two-stage supercharging, which develops 750 liters. from.

Car news 2018

This line of engines KAMAZ developed with the support of Liebherr. Stated resource - right half million kilometers at service intervals for 150 thousand kilometers (current engines nursed to 800 thousand in intervals of 30 thousand). It is this diesel will be on the latest KAMAZ-54901 (pictured).

What can we expect more?

At the end of 2018 may appear restyled vans and wagons Lada Largus - front they will be like the Lada Vesta. It is possible that Moscow Motor Show (if, of course, take place) will be the venue debut interesting concept - a fundamentally new model Datsun brand, on which work is in full swing.

Car news 2018

It is also necessary to wait for news from the world of big machines. GAZ Group certainly tells about the next expansion of the line of trucks and buses, and from Naberezhnye Chelny will come information relating to the new generation trucks KAMAZ. And rest assured: we will certainly talk about these updates.

Alex Kovanov