Habits that will spoil any eyelashes

Habits that will spoil any eyelashes

But the habit of eating every second.

Paradoxically, in the pursuit of perfection we so often spoil what is given by nature. We noticed that the eyelashes to fall out, and the whole look weakened? Sooner or later, the same problem faced by many. Because the reason probably lies in one of those bad habits that have in every second.

Habits that will spoil any eyelashes

Sometimes the best - the enemy of the good.

If the eyes - a mirror of the soul, the lashes - its chic blinds. From the "design" of which often depends on the whole "interior". Not surprisingly, most women are ready for any experiments for long and lush lashes, as in advertising. But sometimes the best - the enemy of the good. Did you know that here these 8 habits slowly destroy even thick eyelashes? But they have many ...

1. Do not wash off makeup before bed

Habits that will spoil any eyelashes

save with makeup - cool only on glossy photo.

Yes, we know, sometimes after a long day is barely enough strength to crawl into bed and turn on the TV series. But regularly sleep with mascara on eyes - slowly "kill" eyelashes. And all because the ink fixes the hair and thereby reduces their elasticity. And as a result they are much easier to damage, if not broken. Especially if you are a lover of sleep face in the pillow.

What to do? The golden rule is to cleanse the skin of make-up you need to take as much time as on the very makeup. And for the lazy there is always a magic magic wand - wipes for make-up removal, which will always be waiting for his tired hostess on the nightstand beside the bed. After all, you can wash off the makeup, even in bed.

2. Wrong curling eyelashes

Habits that will spoil any eyelashes

scrolling correctly.

Eyelash curlers have long settled in the beautician many beauties. After all, who does not appreciate instant transformation - bending and unbuttoned look? But it turns out, most of the uses of beauty gadget is not correct: curls already painted eyelashes mascara. And thus ruthlessly breaks them. Literally. So, if the lashes became suspicious less reason may be right in front of you.

What to do? If you can not give up the tongs, then at least remember this: curl need only "naked" cilia, and only then fix them with ink.

3. Build lashes

Habits that will spoil any eyelashes

and that the authenticity ...

Although lashes adorn the faces of thousands and thousands of women, this is exactly the case when the best - the enemy of the good. After all, for some reason, in this issue of beauty sense of proportion shyly hiding in the side. And most of the orders from the master "vane" thicker but a bit fancier. And as a result of your own eyelashes under the weight of all this luxury subside, begin to fall. And still this bad trend, even when artificial "aliens" removed. Comments cosmetologists and did frightening: some changes are irreversible.

What to do? Think thrice. And it is better to abandon the idea of ​​extension eyelash. If too much-much like, then stop on the option "their cilia, only better." A gigantomaniyu kept under control.

4. Constantly rubbing his eyes

Habits that will spoil any eyelashes

loses an eye - a bad habit from all sides.

Bad habit that has many. It can easily provoke irritation of the skin, mucosa and increase loss of eyelashes. And yet conjunctivitis if rubbing your eyes with dirty hands.

What to do? Keep your hands under control. As a habit - a psychological thing and often for the very happy owner invisible, you can ask someone from the family will follow you and make remarks every time the hand reaches for the eyes.

5. Use the old makeup

Habits that will spoil any eyelashes

I am, can not be pardoned.

Everything has a shelf life. And the makeup, which is in contact with mucous, he is also very limited. If over the years to use the same mascara and eyeliner, it is almost guaranteed to lead to irritation, "tearfulness" and obsessive desire to rub his eyes. And then - on the script of the preceding paragraph.

What to do? Change ink, and along with the pencil eyeliner every 3 months. At least.

6. Very tear false eyelashes

Habits that will spoil any eyelashes

Please sweeter!

False eyelashes - this option is still more secure than build. But with them you have to be extremely careful. In particular, never tear them sharply as a sticker or a patch. Even if very well want to get rid of these "fans" as soon as possible. Remove the risk of false eyelashes, along with natural.

What to do? Drench a cotton swab in the means for make-up removal (ideally, the oil-based) and a good few times to walk along the base of eyelashes to soften the glue. Wait 10 seconds and is easy to pull them over midway.

7. Stain eyelashes

Habits that will spoil any eyelashes

Dyeing eyelashes: the result is not worth the victims.

The idea to abandon the carcass, having painted eyelashes permanently, sounds appealing. But, alas, any paint "burns" and weakens the hair, and the effect does not last long enough to be worth the sacrifice. The only exception - a natural henna. But it is possible surprises.

8. Use waterproof mascara on a regular basis

Habits that will spoil any eyelashes

waterproof mascara every day needs only a crybaby.

It can be indispensable during their journey to the sea, going to the pool or the cinema to the melodrama. But it is not necessary to use waterproof makeup every day. To erase this mascara will have to try and how to rub his eyes. So that losses in the ranks of the eyelashes after such aggression can not be avoided.

What to do? Waterproof mascara to reserve for special occasions. A heat-resistant mascara is perfect for everyday makeup that is washed off with warm water easy.