As fashion changes the elderly

• As fashion changes the elderly

As fashion changes the elderly

In our society stable sat down the stereotype of the elderly grandmother, not necessarily in a kerchief, continuous knitting scarves / hats / sweaters, sitting on a bench and talking with girlfriends sexual emancipation of today's youth and the Soviet Union. Such pensioners we see in the clinic, bank, public transport and at the entrances. But our old people can not only discuss someone else's personal life and sit in the queue, but also to break these same stereotypes: to be a style icon, pumping muscles abruptly young, travel the world and go on a podium. Senior's image in society is changing rapidly.

Venus Islamov, 63 years old

"Age is no longer a cause for embarrassment, inability to grow and take care of themselves, enjoy life," - he said in an interview with the BBC Igor Ghawar, the head of the model agency "Oldushka".

Neklyudova Tatiana, 61 years old

The Russian model agency "Oldushka" - a surprising phenomenon in our society, where all the attention is given to young and sexy, and the beauty and charm of older people overlooked.

Olga Kondrashov, 72 years old

"Feminine beauty all the time is treated as a youth. We want to change this setting, trying to show that beauty is beyond measurement "under / over", "- says Gavar.

The youngest model in the agency. Arctic Sergey, 46 years old

Initially "Oldushka" was created as a street style blog about the Russian pensioners, and later developed into a modeling agency employing the model from 45 years and older. Older model agencies receive many offers to work in Russia: there are in lukbukah, catalogs, advertising campaigns and catwalks. Valentine Ash, 62 years old

"" Oldushka "offers rethink the subject of aging, extend the established notions about this period of life, to show it to the aesthetic side, thus helping to form a healthy attitude as a society to the venerable age and older people to themselves," - says Igor Ghawar.

Belysheva Irina, 70 years old

Fashion for the elderly is not limited to the agency "Oldushka". Every year in Moscow and St. Petersburg passes "Podium mature beauty." Here on the scene are not professional models, but ordinary women, "a little over 30", to be exact, 50+. This project, as well as "Oldushka" wants to change attitudes towards older people and break the stereotype that the podium - a place only for the young with the parameters of 90-60-90.

69-year-old model Meĭe Musk

Tends to appear in ads and on the catwalks of age models has spread not only in Russia. According to the international forum Fashion Spot, season "Spring 2018" was the most "adult" in the history of the fashion industry: 27 models under the age of 50 years and older have walked on the runways at Fashion Week in New York, Milan, Paris and London.

Ivan Petkov, 53 years old

Sosnovtsev Viktor, 73 years old