Popular and useless advice

Popular and useless advice

15 popular councils, which in fact turned out to be useless.

Household tips are useful primarily to the fact that significantly simplify the daily lives and help save personal funds. But not all life hacking effective, and some do not are effective or may cause damage. This review contains 15 common life hacking, which just is not worth wasting time. They are useless - it is checked.

1. Cutting banana wire tray

Popular and useless advice

If the home has an extra banana ...

In general, it is difficult to imagine a situation in which the hand would not knife, but it will be a wire tray ... Well, suppose so. With such an immature banana trick may take place, but if the fruit is ripe - it is soft, and therefore in an attempt to cut it is likely to get fruit puree.

2. Refrigerator storage battery

Popular and useless advice

Refrigerator - not a place for batteries.

Many have heard that if you put the batteries in the refrigerator, it will prolong their life. In fact, everything is exactly the opposite. The low temperature reduces the life of the battery, and the condensate and becomes a cause of corrosion does and displays the battery unusable.

3. Speaker of toilet paper sleeve

Popular and useless advice

A roll - it's not the speaker.

If the creators of life hacking would suggest to use instead of a cardboard sleeve ceramic mug, it can be attributed to the useful advice. But the classic version of life hacking is absolutely useless and idle thing.

4. Coca-Cola instead of toilet bowl cleaners

Popular and useless advice

Cola into the toilet - money down the drain.

Very, very old life hacking, which offers clean toilet cola - supposedly it is much more effective special tools. But its usefulness is proved even by the fact that soda is not able to kill the bacteria that are actively multiplying in the toilet.

5. Corkscrew of the nail and hammer

Popular and useless advice

Nail and hammer - corkscrew worse than you can imagine.

If you suddenly urgently needed to open a bottle of wine or champagne and a corkscrew was not at hand, a particularly tricky offer to use a hammer and nail. But in reality, the nail just pop up out of jams, and that will remain in place. If so, and use something like this instead of spin, then screw in this case would be much more effective nail.

6. Sandwich with toasted cheese

Popular and useless advice

And do not put cheese in the toaster!

When viewed superficially, life hacking is just a godsend - what could be easier than putting the device on its side and insert it into a cheese sandwich? But it was not there. Making a meal so there is a considerable risk that potekshy cheese is inside the appliance.

7. A wooden spoon against a boiling

Popular and useless advice

Wooden spoon - not a solution.

He walks among housewives a "secret," which states that if across the pan on its side, put a wooden spoon, it will prevent the outflow of water from the tank at the time of boiling. Unfortunately, stop boiling over is not.

8. The dispenser for the test from a bottle of ketchup

Popular and useless advice

And do not stint on the dispenser.

On the one hand, the working life hacking, but that it will simplify life, a big question. Firstly, there is a possibility that the pancakes are obtained with the flavor of ketchup. No matter how well the bottle was not cleaned, the plastic absorbs all odors are difficult to get rid of. Second, prepare the batter homogenous consistency in such a container is almost unreal.

9. The remedy for a hangover

Popular and useless advice

The Hangover as the beginning of a bend.

As in the famous proverb, which cures like, with a hangover propose to deal with the same alcohol that is a hangover "presented." That's only necessary to drink it more. No need to be a rocket scientist to understand that such a life hacking before a fall, but health seriously spoil.

10. Toothpaste Acne

Popular and useless advice

Toothpaste because the teeth.

Cure a problem skin it is not capable, but because of menthol, which is included in most of the compositions can be dried dermis and get irritated. At the same time, precisely because of this component, toothpaste can quickly soothe the skin after minor burns.

11. Coins in flower pots

Popular and useless advice

coin no place in a flower pot.

Copper works by acidifying agent, so it prevents the development of harmful bacteria and fungi, which can destroy the plant. However, the very life hacking will be effective only with old coins, which are used in the production of a lot of copper. Modern money is pouring out of other metals and copper content in them is very low.

12. Dental floss for cutting cheese

Popular and useless advice

Only unscented floss, please!

As in the previous case, the very trick works, but after such a slicing cheese will give floss flavor. Therefore, if you strongly want to try life hacking in fact, it is better to work on finding unscented thread for teeth.

13. Tea bags hand warmer

Popular and useless advice

Have pity on her hands!

All anything, but "we" forget to warn that after this hand warmer skin will take over the tea color and smell will be by him. If someone is not a problem, then we can try.

14. Available taken out of the bucket garbage bags

Popular and useless advice

freely removed from the buckets of garbage bags.

So that the bag can be easily removed from the bucket, the network is advised in advance to do a few holes in the package bottom. In fact, everything works, but the consequences will be terrible stench even from an empty bucket and disgusting slime that leaked from the waste.

15. Empty containers of cosmetic products for storage of jewels

Popular and useless advice

As a storage system useless.

The idea is not bad, because unsightly bubble of suntan lotion, for example, does not attract anyone. But is there any sense in such tricks, if it is stolen the whole bag?