"Welcome to the ban!", Or something you besite all Facebook users? Part 1

Most of us have long been moved to live in the "Facebook" and "Instagram" and, honestly, admit it, do not you caught myself feeling that a certain event in your life becomes real to you only after you have written about post it on Facebook and posted a photo to Instagram?

This is our current reality, and to ensure that you are in this reality feel comfortable and do not violate the comfort of other customers, we stroll through the accounts that have compiled a little list of types that are actively enrage Internet users. So, you want to actively banyat or banned if you are one of them.

"I'm a mother,"

If you are a happy mommy and constantly fasted insane amount of pictures of his child, it would be more personal, but the flow of periodically changing images of baby food, bibs, nappies and invaluable important information in the style of "we ate", "we poop" and "we bought a new sliders." And in time you will not forget to thank "Dad, Mom, God and Film Academy" for the priceless prize and a gift, bearing in mind this is still formless, frankly, terribly red ball, from which, of course, hatched a beautiful butterfly or someone there still. But do those who inadvertently added you as a friend, to blame? Our good advice: not to ring out in the ban, allow at least part of fotochek for the family album and write better than something useful, if not for us mere mortals, at least for the others, "I'm mothers."

"You are a troll,"

Are you sure that you and only you can bring these small potatoes truth. In fact, the "truth" you are not just a bear, you are its aggressive push into other people's posts, because its you do not have time. It is necessary also to cover the largest possible number of "unreasonable" for its overtly malicious ratings and comments. Gives you such pleasure provoked everyone with his "animal grin," you're so proud of yourself, it seems, if you do not stop in time, then their offensive jokes that only you seem ridiculous, you write to yourself, because you simply banned. And yet.

"You train a mysterious"

interested friends and subscribers story intrigue - it is always great, but if you do not miss the opportunity to speak out about everything going on in your life, but so vaguely and mysteriously, it is rather discouraged and disappointed, then direct you the way to the ban. Help you on your way to the magical positions in the style of "Today I almost realized long-planned, but fate decreed otherwise. Stars do not like the chosen ones. " And you can still build a photo album, in which there is no photo on which anything could be seen, and to call this abstruseness "conceptual". And most importantly, in any case not to answer questions that would have it all meant. Damn it, we have themselves already itching to ban "Well you mysterious."

"It is Well photographer"

Even if you work in the studio and color corrector perfectly mastered the camera and Photoshop, you should not upload 73 photos of the same squirrel, which are out of luck, and she met with you in the woods. Squirrel, of course, pretty, and you - a good photographer, but 73 pieces! Seventy. Three. Pieces. They're for the poor inhabitants who are not working in the studio color corrector, are all identical and one "Belochkin face." But you do still occasionally meet ladybirds, and cats, and horses. And even we have our perfect patience would break somewhere in the 22 th squirrel, and a ban! Definitely.

"He's a patriot"

The Patriot, and that's it. The main thing is more pathos, hackneyed slogans, posts, written using the CapsLock, patriotic images and aphorisms. In this case, the color of your brand of patriotism is not important - you have red, green, "Zhovtnya-Blakytny" or white and pink, like marshmallows (and who says you can not be patriotic marshmallows?). Every second post, you can start with "I may be inclined to go too far, but ..." and then have a picture, slogan, vociferous history. No, we are not against patriotism, we are against the pathos of the howling that "the song you called." So if you - it is better to stop to try to discover the image of the desired color, and begin to think and write very thoughtful things, otherwise normal people you will be ban.

"We're on the Ponte"

You will quietly hate at first, then openly ban, if you will constantly "include show-off", that is a state where your posts must cause envy and show your subscribers-loser, a marzipan your life. In the course you can let everything selfie on the background of celebrities, photo with glamorous parties, photo, embracing the ideal companion. For variety, you can throw a couple of "innocent" of complaints of fatigue from this sweet life, alpine beauty, wildness from Norrland province, Caribbean beauties and "Dad wants to buy a plane, and I dream of a horse." All perfectly understand the purpose of these posts, and sooner or later, and, most likely, also at the same time, send you to the ban. For besite!

Did you learn in someone yourself? If not, do not worry. To be continued.