Unusual phenomena during sleep

For most people, the word "dream" - synonymous with tranquility and relaxation after a long day. In fact, in this mode, the unconscious body undergoes a lot of changes. It thoroughly gets rid of the damage and preparing for a new day, continuously performing sorting, recovery and renewal. Therefore, each time waking up "another person", think about how this expression is close to the truth.

Unusual phenomena during sleep Unusual phenomena during sleep

1. Storage of memories

People - restless creatures. We have somewhere to go all the time, something to do with someone communicating parallel memories delay. But the file is useless if it can not find. This is known to all computer users with a clogged desk.

During sleep the brain produces, catalogs and lays on preservation event, discarding all superfluous. The safety of long-term memories is playing a decisive role in a person's ability to function normally. Long-term memory, in principle, no-limit, so bright moments for sure will stay with you for years to come.

We sometimes easier to remember scenes from childhood, than the events of last week. This memory tricks, which is responsible for the training and safety of the most useful information. Its main activity takes place during the phase of deep non-REM sleep, which is comparable to the state of the daily activity of the brain. At a time when the mind becomes calm, the brain turns on the stabilization of essential life memories to quickly recreate them if necessary.

Unusual phenomena during sleep

2. Reducing the temperature and blood pressure

For half an hour before bedtime lowers the body temperature of the body. This is done to reduce the rate of metabolism, in order to avoid the night feeling hungry. As a result of slowing heart rate and blood pressure is reduced. The temperature is also lowered to 35.6 degrees Celsius, it is only 1 degree separates from hypothermia. Probability of freezing during sleep there, as the body requires less energy. After waking up the pressure and heartbeat are restored at an accelerated pace to meet the level of spent forces. However, there is a short-term imbalance, which leads to a nebula of thinking and inertia - typical symptoms after awakening.

Unusual phenomena during sleep

3. Paralysis

Remember nightmares, during which it is impossible either to run or scream or move? So, this phenomenon ( "sleep paralysis"), though terrible, but quite natural. During sleep, the brain blocks the neurotransmitters and receptors of muscles, thereby effectively paralyzing the entire body. Sometimes it happens during the fall to sleep or waking up, when the mind is clear, and there is no possibility to move.

Due to its eeriness this state has become the basis for many myths and legends, is inextricably linked with symptoms of hallucinations. They immobilized people visit these mythical demons or monsters (from the Anglo-Saxon traditions characters to creatures of Chinese folklore).

Unusual phenomena during sleep

4. Stretching

During the day, due to the force of gravity and compression of the vertebral spine is under pressure. Because of this fluid from the spinal disc is displaced, and increase the evening is reduced by about 1 cm. When the back is in a prone position, the fluid is returned again increasing the growth of the same figure.

Although the difference of 1 cm and small, to get rid of the load also makes it possible to grow while you sleep. In fact, growth is only possible during sleep. This is due both to the removal of the spinal pressure and predominantly nocturnal growth hormone.

Unusual phenomena during sleep

5. Sleepwalking

They suffer not all, but nearly one-third of the population have experienced this condition for yourself at least once in life. Technically sleepwalking - disturbed sleep, when the brain is a state on the brink of unconsciousness perform difficult tasks, such as getting out of bed, go into the kitchen and even get behind the wheel. Sleepwalking - alarming phenomenon, but it has a fairly common, especially among children. Friends, parents and neighbors around the room lunatics mark them stunned and confused state during any fancy effects (eg, cooking), only after which they are able to go back to bed.

Scientists are still not sure of what specific reason, people wander in a dream. Some experiments have shown that the culprit may be genetics. Sleepwalking is often seen during REM sleep, when the brain processes memories produced per day.

This may explain the short-term memory defects lunatics. Waking up in the morning, they can not remember a single minute of the night adventures.

Unusual phenomena during sleep

6. Cramping

When we fall asleep, the body twitches. Everytime. As mentioned above, during sleep the body is often paralyzed to during dreams, we did not move in reality. But there is a moment when we do not sleep, and not awake.

It is something like a hypnotic sleep. It is believed that this time the signal sending delay "relax" from the brain to the nervous system. Exactly how it works is not fully elucidated. Some scientists believe that it is a relic of a primitive reflex that is misunderstood, settling into sleep as the sudden landing of the tree.

Whatever the reason, hypnotic sleep - further evidence of the most complex of unconscious processes. We experience them actually being in a waking state. Sometimes it can be so strong that it leads to awakening.

Unusual phenomena during sleep

7. The brain uses more energy

The main mass of energy produced during waking hours (approximately 80%), engaged in physical activity, breathing and speaking. During sleep, these operations are performed, so that the excess energy goes straight to the brain. This means that the brain at certain stages of sleep consumes even more energy than in the period of daily activity. Sleep - the brain's full time, some leisure time, during which he puts in order the processes in place to carry out energy-consuming tasks and to make difficult decisions in the afternoon.

Unusual phenomena during sleep

8. Losing weight

Have you ever awakened from sleep with an agonizing thirst? The reason for this - the evaporation of about 0, 5 liters of water at night. The air inside the lungs is quite warm (about 36.7 degrees Celsius) and wet. The average room temperature is lower than 36.7 degrees Celsius, so that the inhaled cold air flow reduces the lungs and draws moisture from the body. During one inhalation lost approximately 0.02 grams of water. Throughout the night it comes out to about half a liter.

Carbon has a similar, but not such a strong impact. Everyone knows that we breathe oxygen (2 atom), and exhaled carbon dioxide (3 atoms). When, during the breath out of 1 atom more than the sets, the weight is reduced.

As a result, about 0.7 kg of weight disappears during each night's rest. The same processes are taking place in the daytime, but carbon and moisture replenished drinks and food.

Unusual phenomena during sleep

9. Cleansing brain

During wakefulness toxins and other waste he is deposited in the cells of the body and brain. The body is turned off before going to bed, and the brain begins to operate. In fact, it opens the valve, allowing cerebrospinal fluid flow from the brain of vertebrates departments to cleanse the body and eliminate toxic waste.

This process - part of a complex cycle. This cycle is called cellular respiration. This series of reactions, which improves the ability of cells to reconstruct the energy of the power and functionality to support the body in general. Toxins eliminated during sleep - the residual effect of this process. Although it covers the entire body cleansing, its results are most visible in the area of ​​the brain where there are effects of inadequate sleep. Brain blockage - is one of the main reasons for a foul mood after a long and healthy sleep.

10. Dreaming

Not to mention the dreams that are an integral part of life of every person. But scientists even now can not really explain this phenomenon. So the question "Why do we dream" is still unresolved.

If you try to remember the stories of dreams, they seem not improbable joke. Every night, the brain constructs an imaginary world, which is only in the head, but we perceive it as very real. After waking up, almost all traces of this imaginary reality disappear. It sounds strange, but dreams are perceived as a reality comparable to cleaning teeth or going to work.

Although the true meaning of dreams - is still a mystery, related processes still clear: strengthening the long-term memory, elimination of brain toxins, increase in property, etc...

But this question is not new. The true purpose of dreams was the subject of human obsession for many thousands of years, prove it works of the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Despite the current progress and technical equipment, the theory about the origin of this mysterious phenomenon and remain theories.