Incredible facts about food

• Amazing facts about food

Incredible facts about food

There is a fairly large number of errors that are associated with proper nutrition. For example, depriving yourself of certain foods, you can deprive your body of important nutrients that help maintain health authorities. Today we tell you about the 16 incredible facts with which you will be able to organize your food properly.

1. Stickers on fruit can be eaten! They stick to the adhesive that is also safe for humans, since it refers to the types of food glue.

2. People who like spicy food, live longer. This explains study from Harvard Medical School scientists. They were able to prove that if every day to eat spicy food, you can reduce the risk of death by as much as 14 percent.

It is believed that this is due to the biologically active components contributing to maintain the level of triglycerides and cholesterol.

Incredible facts about food

3. Prove that stored in a refrigerator at low temperatures, the tomatoes will lose their flavor.

4. Lemon contains more sugar than strawberries, but it is the amount of citric acid, it sweetness we do not notice at all.

Incredible facts about food

5. Simmer vegetables in the microwave if you want to save them nutrients and minerals.

6. Egg yolks contain a lot more minerals and nutrients than whites.

7. The American fast-food establishments person can refill yourself sweet carbonated water as many times as he wants, and it is absolutely free. For example, in France it is forbidden to do so as the French are actively struggling with a dependency on sweet and obesity. Therefore, for an extra glass of cola have to pay.

Incredible facts about food

8. The smell of the chocolate reduces alertness and tension that gives a person a feeling of peace.

9. cucumbers, as well as squash and zucchini are composed of 96 percent water.

10. Frozen vegetables contain more nutrients than those that are kept fresh in storage. This is because prior to freezing pick vegetables that are already fully matured. The second is to rip off their full maturity and, therefore, before they vberut all the necessary minerals and nutrients.

Incredible facts about food

11. In the US state of Seattle is prohibited by law to throw away food. A person can be fined for it, he is responsible. If the food is suitable, it can deliver for those who need "food bank".

12. In the world there are about 10,000 different varieties of apples, each of which has its own size, taste and color.

13. Honey - a product that has no expiration date. Scientists were able to find a honey that has been collected about 5,000 years ago. He was still edible!

14. Regular table salt and sea salt in its composition does not differ from each other. They contain exactly the same amount of sodium and nutrients.

15. Chocolate copes with chronic cough. Sometimes it is even more effective than drugs for cough.

16. Some foods become more delicious the next day. For example, meatballs, pasta and, of course, soup.