Profession for the brave

• Professions for the brave

Profession for the brave

The most unusual profession.

All professions are needed, all professions are important. And indeed it is. However, there are some activities that may seem to the uninitiated people extremely strange and even, in a sense, "wild". Sometimes it is very difficult to believe in a genuine need for such training. Here are a few striking examples of such professional activities.

1. Utrambovschik subway

Profession for the brave

We will help you to push.

The need for this kind of "experts" appeared for the first time in Japan. Officially, the profession has existed since 1966. Today "utrambovschiki" subway passengers are used in other countries, including China. All the "experts" have to be in good physical shape.

2. Pedikyurschik cows

Profession for the brave

The care of cattle.

This position exists in many European farms. In fact, all the matter is not in the beauty, and well-being of animals. Cow with manicured hooves does not feel pain and discomfort, less nervous and give better yields.

3. The observer for drying

Profession for the brave

A fascinating work, however.

There are also specialists. In fact, these guys work a lot harder than it seems, because they have well versed not only in the colors and shades of colors, but also be able to notice the slightest changes color during the drying.

4. The jumper on the mattress

Profession for the brave

The most fun job.

As a child, not naprygalis on the bed? Then maybe it is this job perfect for you! No, it's not a joke. Some people actually pay quite a lot of money for what they are jumping on the mattresses to bed. This is done usually for testing the quality of the product.

5. A professional tourist

Profession for the brave

Rest can be difficult.

Very often expensive (and not) hotels employ specially trained tourists who will live and have fun in their rooms. This is in order to rest a specialist could identify all the existing shortcomings of the hotel and help him get better. Also, it serves advertising purposes.

6. Professional mourners

Profession for the brave

For your money any tears.

In Asian countries, there is a practice of hiring professional mourners as solemn, and the tragic events, including funerals. "Specialists" of this kind will be able to squeeze out a tear in any form - from a modest drop to howls violently.