How to harden

• How to harden

Tempered body allows the immune system to maintain at a high level, except for the constant problems with winter colds and similar troubles. Moreover, regular hardening speeds up the metabolism, which can be a good substitute bored diets. Bonuses will be to strengthen the nervous system and overall body tone - and yet these problems have long since become the scourge of the modern inhabitant metropolis. Here is a brief but comprehensive list of rules, Guided by which you quench not only the body but also the willpower.

How to harden

Checking the weakness of

Before you begin the hardening process, it is necessary to check the condition of the body. Colds, as well as open sores on the skin - a direct contraindication. Elevated eye pressure will also become an insurmountable obstacle, because the sharp temperature drop will provoke an increase in pressure. Any heart problems put an end to your dream of becoming a seasoned athlete: the risk of getting hit too high.

How to harden

Start the path

No need to rush into battle recklessly. The first is inverted over the bucket, where the water temperature will tend to zero is likely to award you a cold. Start with the usual washing, in the first days without lowering the degree of water below room 22 Fahrenheit. Spend a week, gradually reducing the degree, while cold water will not be familiar to you. You can then start to work on the whole body - on the same principle.

How to harden

in the system work

Irregular employment than any case do not bring any result. This applies to the tempering. Make it a rule never to deviate from the target hardening schedule, otherwise everything that happens in the end - constant irritation from the cold water and wasted time.

How to harden

Air Battle

Contrary to popular belief, you can not only harden the active swimming in the hole, but normal air. The first training should take place at a temperature of about 18 degrees Celsius, and the session time should not exceed three minutes. Months in such a rhythm enough to lower degrees and to increase the amount of time spent on training.

How to harden

Rain Man

The easiest way to start is to harden the usual pouring water. Water for these purposes it is better to type of crane in the evening and leave until the morning, so she warmed up to room temperature. At first, pouring only the hands are exposed to the elbow and legs up to the knee. After a few weeks, you can continue to dousing the entire body. Every decade lower your water temperature by five degrees - up to a reasonable level.

Shower willpower

Douches considered the best way not only to harden the body, but also to strengthen the internal organs. Blood flow to the vessels starts the metabolism to a higher level, strengthens the heart, the skin becomes more elastic. Moreover, a douche - and a great way to temper their willpower. Use the following scheme, by repeating it every morning for 10 seconds with hot water-cold 10-3 cycle.

The foot soldier

You probably have seen repeatedly motivating tempering rollers, where the main characters, without batting an eye, strolling in the fresh snow. In fact, you can do without it. Simply type at the bottom of the water bath and get into it, shifting from foot to foot.