Yesterday, Benedict Cumberbatch turned '42

• Yesterday Benedict Cumberbatch turned


Yesterday, Benedict Cumberbatch turned '42

Benedict Cumberbatch - British actor, perfectly fit into the role of the new Sherlock, yesterday celebrated its 42th birthday. This guy - an example of how personal charisma, sparkling sense of humor, and follow their own path can easily beat the classic beauty and other apparent "trump card." Do you want to know him better? Then read the best birthday sayings stellar day.

About myself:

"Frankly, I do not like scary shape and size of my head. I look at myself in the mirror - yes I'm the spitting image of Sid the sloth of the "Ice Age"! I have nothing against the cartoons, but for a man of my age this comparison sounds insulting. "

Yesterday, Benedict Cumberbatch turned '42

About roles:

"I understand that my role misleading - the screen I used to play all sorts of pale, emaciated intellectuals physically weak lover and so on. But know that I am in real life - the exact opposite of those roles. " Risk Disclosure:

"I love a fast ride on a motorcycle, so I meet the very old woman with a scythe death quite often. Especially in London - where she catches me on every corner. "

Yesterday, Benedict Cumberbatch turned '42

The Meaning of Life:

"The further away from their own" I ", the more interesting it becomes to live. The search for harmony does not interest me. Constantly go out of your comfort zone. "

About family:

"I was an only child, and maybe that's why I want to have many children. I think that can be arranged - just need to be with the right woman in the right place. "


"The most disgusting in the acting profession - no regime and the inability to eat normally."

Yesterday, Benedict Cumberbatch turned '42

About his philosophy:

"My philosophy is: enjoy the journey through life without thinking about the final. Along the way were treated to others, then you perepadut unexpected pleasure. "