10 of the most incredible things that people implanted in his body

Cyborgs are no longer science fiction. Complex chips and implants with touch technology that combines human and machine - the new reality. Among our people go with the magnets in the fingertips and LED-lights under the skin. Before you - a dozen examples of the incredible fusion of human bodies and technologies.

10 of the most incredible things that people implanted in his body

The artist with seysmochuvstvitelnym magnetic chip

Spanish avant-garde artist and choreographer Moon Ribas wanted to use the power of technology to better feel the ground, so currently live near the elbow subcutaneous implant, which is connected to a mobile application on her iPhone and monitors seismic activity. When an earthquake occurs, it vibrates the implant in accordance with the strength of aftershocks, and it translates the sensation of vibration in the language of dance.

"The planet is moving, constantly shaking and moving every day, - she says. - I thought it would be cool to interpret large-scale natural movement of the planet in a different way. "

10 of the most incredible things that people implanted in his body

The guy who transplanted himself into the hands of the ear

Artist and creator of performances Stelarc (Stelarc) dreamed of one day to turn your body into a remote sound-a device that could transmit its surround sound to other people around the world. As he had surgery for a transplant on the left hand ear grown from cells last year. He plans to connect the ear to the internet and equipped with a small microphone that could wirelessly transmit the audio information with the hands around the world.

The boom with a cryptographic key, implanted in the arm

First Amal Graafstra just wanted to stop to carry a bunch of keys. But recently the company's founder biohakerskoy Dangerous Things developed an implant that connects its biological and electronic identity. He implanted in the wrist of a small chip that is compatible with the near-contact communication technology (NFC), which contains the cryptographic keys. Now he can use his own body to decrypt the files, and two-factor authentication. Amal believes that the same technology can be used as an electronic purse or travel tickets. "The ability to own their personal data, instead of all owned Facebook, comes to cryptography" - says the inventor.

10 of the most incredible things that people implanted in his body

color-blind to the antenna in the head, which picks up the color of

Artist and kiberaktivist Neil Harbisson can not see color, but because of the antenna implanted in his head, he could hear it. The antenna is connected to the chip, which translates picked up by the camera color in the sound, transforming it into a different frequency, vibrating inside the skull. The antenna allows even Harbissonu perceive colors beyond the ordinary human spectrum, such as infrared and ultraviolet spectra. According to the activist, the antenna has become a permanent part of his body, and he with her, even in the photographs in the documents.

10 of the most incredible things that people implanted in his body

Seller with implanted headphones

Biohaker and seller Rich Lee of Utah wanted to be able to listen to music furtively. In 2013, he implanted a permanent headphones: it implanted under the skin of small magnets trestles ears. It can play music through the player is connected with a separate electromagnetic coil around his neck. This creates an electromagnetic field, implants vibrate and play music. But that was only the beginning. "I want to use it with the GPS on your phone to navigate the city, when I walk. I plan to connect it to any directional microphone (possibly disguised as a shirt button or something else) to hear conversations from across the room, "- says Rich. It is not known whether he has perfected his unusual headphones. However, it is now occupied by other parts of the body. In 2014 he presented Lovetron9000 - implant, which he hopes will turn his genitals in a bionic vibrating penis.

10 of the most incredible things that people implanted in his body

Professor Lee Berger holds a copy of a skull recently discovered ancient human-like creature called Homo naledi, during a presentation in Johannesburg.

The photographer with the camera in the skull

For many photographers camera - a continuation of their own. For the photographer and professor at New York University Wafaa Bilal is so literally. For a project called "3rd I" (literally - "I was the third," paraphrase "third eye" - "third eye") Bilal implanted itself in the back of the camera. Visitors of the Arab Museum of Modern Art in Qatar can watch the live broadcast of the pictures moments of his own life, which even the Bilal seen. Nevertheless, the project has not been without unpleasant complications within a few months due to health problems of the camera had to be removed.

7. Biohaker with Bluetooth-chip, reading and transmitting the body temperature of

In 2013, Tim Cannon biohaker implanted a bulky chip with Bluetooth data transfer technology at hand to monitor the body temperature. The implant can read body Cannon data and transfer them to any device based on the Android operating system. This allows you to program a mobile phone so that he could get a text message, if it has a high temperature. Since implants have become much smaller, and Cannon, director of implant manufacturing company continues to think about how you can combine the human body and technology.

10 of the most incredible things that people implanted in his body

The soldiers with chips in the brain

Research division of the US Ministry of Defense DARPA hopes that one day will be able to heal war traumas, implanting brain chips soldiers that can directly suppress the brain impulses that cause post-traumatic syndrome. Meanwhile, the agency has already begun to implant a temporary test device into the brain volunteers, who are already borne by brain surgery. Over the next few years, the agency hopes to develop a permanent chip.

The professor and his wife with the implants, due to which they feel the movement of each other

Kevin Warwick - the godfather biohakerov movement. In 1998, Warwick, Professor of Cybernetics at the University of Reading, has become the world's first cyborg: in his left hand implanted radio frequency identification chip, which allowed him to open the door and turn on the lights. Later, he implanted a chip in his hand connected with the nervous system, which allowed to literally connect the body to the computer and, for example, to move the robotic arm on a different continent, just moving his own hand.

Warwick implanted a similar chip in the hand of his wife, Irene. Implants are connected with each other, and every time someone moves the hand of the spouses, the second pulse is felt. "It was the first time that the brain of one person directly transmit signals to the brain of another person. We could communicate without talking. "

10 of the most incredible things that people implanted in his body

Any woman with an intrauterine

Of course, the woman - a real biohakery. About 10% of US women use IUDs - a small T-shaped piece of metal or plastic, which effectively controls the biological processes in the body. "I can unlock the phone of the wrist. This is a fun trick for the party. But the IUD gives me much more tangible sense of control, and it is much more important part of my kiberzhizni ", - wrote the activist Rose Eveleth in the Real Future.