"Oh, everything" - a brief guide to what is said, and in fact have in mind women

Each of you probably know how difficult it is to learn a foreign language. But believe me, any foreign language may seem intuitive that the women say. Even most scientists agree. There is not the slightest hope to understand women, and do not try, it is useless. Useless? No longer need and try? Yes? No! It will tell you, any woman, but if you understand it. After all, what women say and what they actually have in mind - are two big differences. Here you and our brief guide useful. So, what has in mind a woman, if she says:

1. Nothing

"NOTHING!" - means that something is wrong. And you'd better hurry to see what it was.

2. I do look fat?

The most accurate translation of this - "You think I'm ugly?" And you'd better immediately and categorically answered: "No!"

3. And then what?

Do not take that question literally. Perhaps more is not worth trying. Similarly, it is not necessary. Stop! Then do not.

4. No

Here it is taken literally, as "no."

5. Yes

In most cases, this means all the same "no." There are exceptions, but here we are you can not help, sort it out themselves.

6. Perhaps

Another "no."

7. It would be good if ...

What follows the "if" should be perceived as an order that is not discussed.

8. Oh, everything! -

This means that the arguments have been exhausted, and you lose in this dispute.

9. Okay

What is already here, "okay." This simply means that it has not yet figured out how to punish you.

10. Do you hear what I'm saying?

When was this, that you have heard? You never listen to me.

11. Up to you

If you think that you have provided freedom of action, you are very, very well, just wrong. In fact, it means - "Up to you, that will suit me best. Do not expect me tips, you have to know yourself what is best for me. " If you still do not know, see paragraph 17.

12. (Loud sighs)

It would be like if she had said: "Yes, what is it? When will you finally come? "

13 Minutes 5

Here it is all depends on the situation. If it is worn, the "5 minutes", means, in fact, about 30-40 minutes. If you look at football, the "5 minutes", does not mean that you can watch an interesting moment of the match, in fact, she says: "Now, turn off and go do something useful."

14. I do not care

This is the same as that of "Oh, everything!", But it is much worse. This was often followed by the phrase at number 10 (Do you hear what I'm saying?).

15. Thanks \ Thank you

She's really grateful. Do not forget to tell her: "This is thanks to you!"

16. Thank you so much

Although you hear a "thank you", but it means something completely opposite. In no case do not answer, "It is thanks to you!"

17. Let it you do not care

This means that she has asked you (maybe even more than once) to do something, and now intends to do this by herself. All further questions on your part will result in paragraph 14 (sighs loudly).

18. Where do you want us to go?

In most cases this means - "will lead me to my favorite restaurant."

19. We need to talk to

All you end.

20. What are you doing?

This is not a question at all. Thus she says - "You do not know how to do it."

21. You have to do this now?

Again this is not an issue. It means - "Stop doing what you're doing now, and wait for further instructions."

22. Are you simply can not say

Actually, it's "What do you want, so it is difficult to agree with me?"

23. I am not upset

She seemed upset.

24. We need ...

She wants to put all he thinks about you.

25. I do not want to talk about it now

She wants you to leave, since not all the charges against you are lined up.