Stunning stories about children who had grown up among animals

Each of us is a child read a story about Mowgli and hardly ever could imagine that something like that could happen in real life.

However, similar happened with the people, which we will tell you in this article.

1. Marcos Rodríguez Pantoja (Marcos Rodríguez Pantoja), Spanish boy, adopted by wolves

Stunning stories about children who had grown up among animals

Marcos Rodríguez Pantoja was only 6 or 7 years old when his father sold the farmer to take the boy in the mountains of the Sierra Morena, to help aging shepherd. After the death of the shepherd boy 11 years he lived alone among the Sierra Morena wolves. He argues that survived thanks to the fact that the wolves took him into his pack and began to feed.

At age 19, he was discovered by gendarmes and Civil Guard force led to a small village Fuencaliente (Fuencaliente), where he eventually joined the civilization and now lives a normal life.

About this amazing survival stories filmed feature films and documentaries, and the Marcos Rodríguez Pantoja is currently reading to children in schools, lectures, telling them about wolves and their habits.

2. Oxana Malaya, which is 6 years lived among dogs

Stunning stories about children who had grown up among animals

Ukrainka Oxana Malaya found living with dogs in a kennel in 1991. When she was 8 years old, she was 6 years lived among dogs. Oksana's parents were alcoholics, and when she was little, she left on the street. She got into the doghouse for warmth, and curled up next to a dog that may have saved the life of a girl. Soon she began to run on all fours with his tongue hanging out, baring his teeth and barking. Due to the lack of interaction with people she knew only the words "yes" and "no." Now Oksana lives and works near Odessa, in a nursing home, caring for the animal farm - cows and horses.

The photo above refers to a photo project of Julia Fullerton-Batten (Julia Fullerton-Batten), the initiate feral children who have been abandoned to their fate by their parents.

3. Ivan Mishukov, survived two winters under guard dogs

Stunning stories about children who had grown up among animals

Some say that the 4-year-old Ivan Mishukov was cast by parents, others say that he ran away from alcoholic parents. In any case, the boy began to roam the streets in search of food and shelter, when he met a pack of feral dogs and made friends with them.

During the day he begged for food from passers-by and bring it "his" to share. Dogs began to defend him: they are deterred from him strangers at night and warmed its warmth. They even surrounded by representatives of the authorities, who were looking for Misha, giving the boy quietly slip away. Incredibly, he has lived since two years.

When he was still caught, he would be all dirty in fleas and lice. Misha was able to talk, but the vocabulary was limited, growling at people and did not trust anyone. In the end, he was introduced to civilization and lives a normal life.

4. Boy gazelle

Stunning stories about children who had grown up among animals

In the 1960s, Jean-Claude Auger (Jean-Claude Auger), an anthropologist from the Basque Country (Basque Country), alone traveled to the Spanish Sahara (Rio de Oro), when he discovered the boy in the middle of a herd of gazelles. The boy ran so fast that he was able to catch only the Iraqi army jeep. Despite his terrible thinness, he was trained and extremely strong, with steel muscles.

The boy walked on all fours, but the chance to get up on his feet, which allowed Auger suggests that he was thrown or he lost at the age of 7-8 months, when it was able to walk. He habitually twitching muscles, scalp, nose, ears, like the rest of the herd, in response to the slightest noise. Unlike most feral children, who are known to science, gazelle-boy is not taken away from his wild companions.

5. Kaldarar Trajan (Traian Caldarar), Romanian Mowgli

Stunning stories about children who had grown up among animals

In 2002, the Romanian Mowgli was reunited with his mother, Lina Kaldarar after several years of living with wild animals in the forests of Transylvania.

Barely alive Trajan (called hospital staff in honor of the famous character "Jungle Book"), clogged in a cardboard box, naked and looks like a three-year child, found a shepherd. The boy forgot how to speak. Doctors say that he did not have virtually no chance to survive, and it is believed that it took care of wild dogs living in the Transylvanian forests.

Lina Kaldorar, who learned about the son of a television news report said that escaped from the house of her husband three years ago after he had beaten her. She believes that Traian ran away from home for the same reason.

6. Marina Chapman (Marina Chapman), a woman who grew up among monkeys

Stunning stories about children who had grown up among animals

Marina Chapman (born about 1950) - Briton Colombian origin, which claims that most of his early childhood in the jungle alone, with the exception of Capuchin monkeys.

Chapman argues that the 4-year old stole her parents from his native village, and then released in the jungle for unknown reasons her. The next few years she spent in the community Capuchin monkey, until it was discovered and rescued hunters - by the time she was not able to speak the human language. She claims that it was sold to a brothel in Cucuta (Colombia), she was forced to live on the street and got into slavery mob. Eventually, she moved to England, where he married and had children. Her daughter persuaded her to write the story of his life, in 2013. Marina Chapman published his autobiography, entitled "The girl with no name" ( "The Girl With No Name").

7. Rochom Pngien (Rochom P'ngieng), Cambodian jungle girl from

Stunning stories about children who had grown up among animals

In 2007, out of the dense jungle of Ratanakiri (Ratanakiri), a remote province in northeast Cambodia, left unwashed, naked and scared Cambodian woman. According to local police, the woman was "half man, half beast," and could not speak clearly.

She became world-famous Cambodian "jungle girl from" and it is believed that she - Rochom Pngien, which disappeared in the jungle 19 years ago, when herding buffalo.

In 2016, a resident of Vietnam said that the woman is his daughter who disappeared in 2006 at the age of 23 years after the mental disorder. He was able to provide documentary evidence of her and her disappearance and shortly afterwards brought his daughter to his native village in Vietnam. He received support from her foster family, as well as the resolution of immigration.