10 historic "first time" that changed the world

Do you often think about what it would be without the photos, magazines, or ATM? For the majority of these are the usual things that one can not remember where they were and how. Not always been as easy as it is now. We present to you the top ten historic "first time", that changed our lives forever.

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The first magazine, 1731

The Gentleman's Magazine Journal ( "Journal for gentlemen"), was published in London in 1731. Its last issue was published in 1903. Editor Edward Cave was the first to use the word "magazine" ( "Journal").

10 historic

First Photo, 1826

The author of the first photo was a French scientist Joseph Nicephore Niepce. He took a picture of his family in the house and called it "The view from the window at Le Gras".

10 historic

The first X-ray image, 1895

In 1895, a physics professor named Wilhelm Röntgen conducted experiments with electrical discharges in vacuum glass tubes. One night he noticed a glow that is not coming from the fluorescence, and not from visible light sources. He called the open light rays "X".

10 historic

The first crossword, 1913

Arthur Wynne had to come up with fun for the eight-page comic section in the publication New York World. For the Christmas number he created thing called "word-cross" (literally translated as "verbal intersection"). Then Arthur Wynne did not know that his invention will become a craze of many people around the world.

10 historic

The first nude scene in a movie, 1915

Actress Audrey Munson played the title role in the film "Inspiration" (Inspiration). It is believed that this is the first film where there is a nude scene with one of the lead actors.

10 historic

The first motel, 1925

The world's first motel was the Motel Inn in San Luis Obispo, California. It was built by an architect from Los Angeles Arthur Heineman. He named his creation the motel, reducing the phrase "motor hotel" ( "hotel car"). Night in the motel was worth 1, 25 dollar.

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The first full-color cartoon, 1938

One of the most remarkable cartoons of Walt Disney - "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," the first full-length animated color and sound film. The duration of the cartoon - 83 minutes.

10 historic

The first ATM in 1967

A convenient way to withdraw cash from your account via ATM invented by John Shepherd-Barron. The idea came to him when he was taking a bath. Its know-how he proposed to the British bank Barclays, which immediately agreed to implement it. The first ATM model was constructed and installed in London in 1967.

10 historic

The first digital camera, 1975

The world's first digital camera invented by Kodak engineer Steve Sasson. The camera takes a black-and-white images and the size of a toaster. Pictures are stored on the tape to record each frame required 23 seconds.

10 historic

The first cover of the music album, 1938

Alex Staynvayssu was only 23 years old when he came up with a cover for Columbia Records album. Album Smash Song Hits by Rodgers and Hart ( "Greatest Hits Rodgers and Hart") was the first in the world, which was the original cover. Prior to that, records were sold in the ordinary envelopes, brown paper.