Men about what they will never understand in women

Today we have gathered for you saying real men about what they will never understand in the women's behavior:

Men about what they will never understand in women

Endless charges

My girlfriend asked me if I was ready to go. I put on my shoes and stand at the door. And it turns out that she still need to wear socks, shoes, take the wallet to take coat, find a phone, and so on. Even after a good five minutes after the question if I was ready to leave, she continues to do it! It drives me crazy.


Wait, what we guess what they are angry

Waiting for us to guess that their angry, rather than simply discuss the problem and solve it, like any normal person.


is angry with us because they had a dream

Why women angry at her boyfriend because he "made" them in a dream?


fish for compliments in social networks

She puts in a social network photo with the caption: "Something I look terrible today" - and get answers like, "Baby, you look great!", "You're beautiful!" "Fascinating!"

It's such a clumsy way to invite himself to compliments, you know, that does not look terrible on this photo, or you would never posted it. Me every time korezhit from it.


Milo communicate at the meeting, and then poured over each other mud

The whole scenario is as follows: two girls found as best friends, but as soon as going around the corner, begin to pour on each other tubs of dirt. I think, among the guys is not so common, although I could be wrong.


They criticize us for sitting on the Internet, while they themselves are doing the same

My friend criticized me for the loss of time in social networks, although she immediately sits in another.


I think that guys like more if the cause jealousy

Why do some girls think that calling the guy jealous, like him more?


Start a conversation with a middle

He starts talking in his head and continues to speak to me from the middle of the inner monologue, the first part of which I have not heard. And upset when I ask, "What do you do?". And this is not an isolated case, my friends, too, it happens. Why?


They talk during the transmission, and asking us to be quiet during commercials

She says while interesting for me on TV broadcasts, and when the advertising begins - asked me to be quiet.

Waiting until I go into the other room, the conversation starts - and offended that she has to shout.

Able to recount to me every detail about their girlfriends, colleagues or relatives, despite the fact that I did not know of them.


Go shopping to exhaustion

Shopping for fun. My wife is ready to spend more than two hours at the grocery store, but I manage alone for 20 minutes. I did not even look in the other shops in which she goes. I never understood why it is necessary to shop until they collapsed from exhaustion.


Look for hidden meaning in our words

They consider themselves to be able to "read between the lines" and then get angry at the non-existent "hidden meaning". Arrange Us "test", let us know and get angry when we do not pass the test. You just set up to fail us and himself on the offense. -mtd074

Flirting, being married to

A girl from my last place of work was always ready to flirt with me. So much so, that we slapped each other on the ass, talking about sex, would drink together after work. I invited her on a real date, dinner, and suddenly she said: "No, I've met the guy." Similar incidents happened to me three more times, and then it turns out that she is married and she has a boyfriend. I do not understand this.


Try on their own clothes in front of a mirror just like

They try on their clothes in front of a mirror just like that, even if today is not going anywhere. If I had someone offered to choose what I like the most - re-measure all of my pants and shirt, or stick a fork in my leg, I would have just asked: "How deep?".


Double standards about infidelity

If my friend is changing, it is a goat, swine, and does not deserve it. And if her friend is changing, it is because he is a goat, you bastard does not deserve it.


drags us french fries

Men tend to defend their food. Why do you always eat our potatoes? We ask if you want the portion of potatoes - you answer "no", and then eat half of our portions. If you prefer to share a meal, limit is fun dessert!


Worried about some nonsense

It seems that they are too preoccupied with things that in theory nothing should not be mean. Maybe it's not true for everyone, but in my experience the girls just missing a gene called "it does not bother me," which is the most guys, when it comes to other people's personal relationships. -WholeVerseOffTheTop

Just obsessed with the question, he meets their former

Why are they so concerned, he meets their ex? He's already former, forget about it!


They say too many details

It's amazing how far women can move away from the topic.

- I met Lisa this morning, well, you remember her, she was still married to a banker who bought the big house last December. Seriously, the best house I've ever seen, four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a summer kitchen just adorable. I think if we get together to buy a house, it will be necessary to invite them to the designer. His name is Tom, let me tell you about it! He has worked in five homes in the last month, and even wrote about them in the journal. If we buy a new house, you must be sure to ask him ...

- So what Lisa told you?

- Oh, she passed on her love!


Passive aggression

Where they so passive aggression?

All implicated layer by layer on guesses, nuances and dissembling. Why can not you just say what you mean?

Conversely, when a guy is trying to say everything frankly, he is accused of rudeness and insensitivity.

You want a man to treat you with respect as equals, or as a gentle baby? Either one or the other.