"Mercedes" losing ground: the Russian "Niva" captivated motorists

• "Mercedes" losing ground: the Russian "Niva" captivated motorists

It is believed that issued by the Russian "AvtoVAZ" machines are popular only in our country, but in fact, they are well known and outside the state. For example, this week the journalists of the German edition of "Auto Motor und Sport" included just three Soviet car in the top 10 of the best Eastern European SUVs that can compete with modern cars.

Among the Russian-made cars on this list were the VAZ-2121 "Niva", GAZ-24 "Volga" and UAZ-469. These "monsters" of the Soviet automobile industry can still be seen on the roads of Europe and, in particular, Germany. It is not surprising that they hit the top of the German journalists.

"Field" - a Russian-road vehicle with a monocoque body and permanent all-wheel drive, which started to produce in 1977. It was originally designed as a comfortable car for the Russian "heartland" and as a result fully met expectations.

According to the Germans, the main advantage of VAZ "Niva", which is now produced under the brand Lada 4x4 is that it can travel on almost any difficult terrain, even where not every German car pass. It should be this machine several times cheaper than European counterparts. The main drawbacks of "Niva" journalists from Germany was considered too modern suspension, as well as a heavy course of the steering wheel and the gearbox, which require the application of a certain strength. Nevertheless, the Germans compared with VAZ-2121 cars Land Rover Defender and Mercedes-Benz G-Klasse, and that says a lot. In general, according to the authors, "Niva", she Lada 4x4 - is "not a toy for the rich and honest hard worker and reliable tool", so that is definitely worth a closer look to it.

UAZ-469, which also hit the top list of German journalists - utility vehicle, which was launched in the Soviet Union in 1972. For a long time it was "UAZ" were used as the main vehicle of the commander in the Soviet Army and the military in the countries of the Warsaw Pact.

The machine impressed the Germans that goes perfectly on rough terrain, providing its owner with full freedom of movement. In addition, among the advantages of an SUV - a very powerful, yet frugal engine is in operation, and high ground clearance. As it turned out, "UAZ" and today are used by emergency services in East Germany. The only drawback of these same cars - not too comfortable lounge.

GAZ-24 "Volga" - a car of the middle class, which came out with conveyors of Gorky Automobile Plant from 1969 to 1985. This machine combines stylish and very modern at the time of design, but at the same time is excellent for driving on the road is not too good and the work in the harsh climate. For this purpose, in particular, it has been prescribed reinforced monocoque, increased ground clearance, tenacious pivot suspension and other important details.

Although the "Volga" can hardly be called an SUV in the classic sense, it is also impressed by the Germans of their maneuverability and stability. According to journalists, this car is designed for many years of service even in the most adverse conditions such as low temperatures, from which the oil is frozen, or even gasoline is not very good quality. Like the Germans and the salon "Volga" - they found it spacious and very comfortable. Also earned the praise and silent machine motor. As a result, journalists have compared the Soviet "Volga" with cars Opel Admiral, Opel Rekord A and Dodge Dart.

Soviet and Russian car industry has always tried to keep up with the times and create a car that would be in demand both in Russia and in other countries. In this case, the main advantage of machines of Russian brands has been and remains a good adaptability to difficult climate and the ability to cope with bad roads. No wonder that in Germany, and now appreciate the Soviet cars, and some motorists still actively using them.

Author: Maria Osipova