Princes over. Why do men refuse to pay for a romantic trip

• Princes ended. Why do men refuse to pay for a romantic trip

Princes over. Why do men refuse to pay for a romantic trip

only 45% of Russian men are ready to take on all the expenses, going on a romantic vacation with a girl, found travel aggregator Momondo during the study, which examined Life. And 3% of the representatives of the strong half of the population prefer to relax at the expense of his lady. In this case, 2% of respondents have a rest together with his half due to parents.

Among women of our country, only 5% are a burden on the rest doubles the cost entirely, and 31% go on holiday at the expense of the partner. A third of travelers (32%) share the costs of a romantic trip in half.

No companion, who could share the burden of financial responsibility at the time of release, 16% of Russian women and 11% men. However, only 5% of the fair sex, and 1% of the strong population said they did not travel with a partner.

- Women's self-reliance and economic independence is increasingly rising, more and more women, focusing on Europe, consider the right to pay for their holidays, - says the sociologist, PhD Elena Bashkirov. And earning more often men, can afford to pay for a partner - and not see it as anything unusual. The number of men who are ready and able to bring their women to rest at his own expense, has been steadily decreasing. But the western model, where each pays its own costs, in our country, according to the study, while not taking root, adds a representative of Irina Riabovol Momondo.

Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Anatoly Zankovsky also sees signs of such findings erase gender differences.

- We are, of course, still a long way to Oxford, which offers prohibit the use of the pronouns "he" and "she", but we go on the same way - he said. - On the one hand, the financial crisis does not allow, on the other - all the more men do not consider it necessary to financially take care of women.

Princes over. Why do men refuse to pay for a romantic trip

In the offline when the tour is bought personally, a completely different situation. According to Maria Konabeevoy, director of marketing for the network of travel agencies' tour 1001 ", when a tour comes romantic couple, a man almost always pays.

- It is possible that for the agency doors on tour expenses and divide in half, but in men try to look like men. Cases when asked to divide the account, are rare. Basically divided only duties: Woman picks up tours, conditions, excursions, etc., and the man opens the wallet... I do not remember to have ever romantic holiday for two people paid the woman, and another thing a family vacation with my husband and children - in such situations, it happens quite often. In this case, it is women who are now major consumers of tourism services, said PR-director of tour operator "Tez Tour" Larissa khans.

- In the offices of travel agencies cooperating main visitors - women, they are the 85% of the cases decide where to go and how to rest, - she said. - And if we are talking about a family, not a romantic getaway, then paying it. After all, after all the main tours mass sold to married couples with children. In general, the tourism market is focused on women, and pay more often they. For example, I always pay my own vacation.

Princes over. Why do men refuse to pay for a romantic trip

Author: Julia Stukalova