Paralysis in a dream - a strange phenomenon in our lives

• in sleep paralysis - a strange phenomenon in our lives

Imagine that you woke up in the middle of the night and can not move even a finger. Around the dark, but the next one is - it feels skin, but you can not even scream. This can happen tonight, but what if there are no forces even to the slightest resistance?

Paralysis in a dream - a strange phenomenon in our lives

It is a frightening phenomenon called "sleep paralysis". According to statistics, it occurs in 40 percent of people. In the past, the state attributed to the actions of supernatural forces, and it is not surprising, because the sensations during sleep paralysis is difficult to re-create and to put into words. Wake up completely immobilized - very scary, but totally safe for health.

Sleep paralysis is a frightening feeling of lack of control over the body, which occurs or immediately after waking up or before falling asleep. In this state, it is impossible to move or even talk, there may be a feeling of the presence of foreign entities in your room. Simply put, sleep paralysis is one of the most terrifying experiences that we can get in life.

It is believed that from 20% to 60% of the people experiencing sleep paralysis. We conducted a study according to which 21% of people at least once experienced it, but only 4 per cent - five times more often. Scientists engaged in the study of the causes of sleep paralysis recently. Special science - Somnology - explains their imbalance between the brain and muscles of the body. In the phase of deep sleep muscle tone is very low. That is why, if the phase of deep sleep, suddenly there is a sudden awakening muscles just do not keep up with his master, and a couple of minutes in a state of inability to accomplish anything. At just such moments you can feel completely paralyzed. The biological sense of paralysis is preventing sharp movements, to sleep not wake up from their own movements.

Paralysis in a dream - a strange phenomenon in our lives

In the mythology of the Basque sleep paralysis responds a special character - Inguma. He sneaks into the house at night and sleeping squeezes his throat.

State of sleep paralysis accompanied by a feeling of complete immobility. This is complemented by state of panic, choking, and the presence of a stranger in the room.

Factors that increase the likelihood sleep paralysis, consider sleep deprivation, stress, and sleep disturbance regime.

Paralysis in a dream - a strange phenomenon in our lives

How to deal?

Do not fight. Do not try to move go all out, if the body is completely immobilized. This can only increase the feeling of pressure on the whole body and can cause many negative emotions. Relax. Instead of panic trying to do anything, it is simply to relax and wait for what will happen next. Then you either go to sleep or wake up, and finally the horror seem nothing more than a night vision. Should read this article before going to bed, and if all of a sudden paralysis of the grip, you should immediately remember that here works physiology and nothing terrible happens.

Concentrate on the soles of the feet. Toes - the most distant part of the body from the brain. If you are struggling to try to move them, the nerve system to quickly come to the tone at the same time and wake up the rest of the body.

Squeeze hand into a fist. It employs the same pattern as with the toes. Signal compress a fist pass throughout the body, leading to a tone muscles, thereby relieving the feeling of complete paralysis.