Menu of British Queen Elizabeth II

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Menu of British Queen Elizabeth II

What are served to the table of the British Queen Elizabeth II.

Many imagine that monarchs are exclusively elite delicacies or sweets. However, is this true? Darren McGrady, former chef of the royal kitchen told that actually the British Queen - not gourmet, unlike Prince Philip, who loves to eat.

Twice a week, the chef of the royal family, Mark Flanagan agrees menu with the queen, and clarifies what she wants to enjoy the next few days. Here is the usual Her Majesty's menu.


Queen begins her day with a cup of tea Earl Grey (without milk and sugar) with a biscuit or cookie.

Menu of British Queen Elizabeth II

A cup of tea to the Queen.

Then she usually eat breakfast fruit and cereals (especially indifferent to the Queen Special K brand).

Menu of British Queen Elizabeth II

Oatmeal - a royal breakfast.

Sometimes, though, she has breakfast toast and marmalade, or, in special cases, scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and truffles. At the same time, Queen Elizabeth prefers brown eggs, because he believes that they taste better.


Menu of British Queen Elizabeth II

Dining aperitif.

Before lunch Queen receives aperitif gin and Dubonnet (wine based aperitif) with a slice of lemon and a large amount of ice.

Menu of British Queen Elizabeth II

Fish with vegetables.

Her Majesty likes fish for dinner with vegetables or roast chicken with salad. McGrady said that her favorite dish - grilled meat with spinach or zucchini. When Queen dines alone, she never eats potatoes, rice and pasta.


Menu of British Queen Elizabeth II

And sweet in the afternoon.

That afternoon tea is most similar to a scene from "The Little Princess". Queen never misses a daily afternoon tea with sandwiches, scones and her favorite cake.

According to McGrady, Elizabeth II usually requires two types of sandwiches with cucumber, smoked salmon, eggs with mayonnaise, ham and mustard. She also loves the tiny sandwiches with raspberry jam.


Menu of British Queen Elizabeth II

a hearty dinner - choice of queens.

While some sources claim that Her Majesty prefers "a relaxed meal in the form of a lamb, roast beef, lamb, quail and salmon" for dinner, others say that the queen is usually requested for dinner roast or Gaelic steak cooked beef fillet and venison under the mushroom, cream and whiskey sauce. Sometimes it washes down Elizabeth dry martini, but never drink wine.


Menu of British Queen Elizabeth II

Strawberry with champagne.

And ends the day Queen Elizabeth on a bright note and fresh - strawberries grown in the castle of Balmoral and sweet white peaches grown in greenhouses at Windsor Castle. Sometimes the fruit is also added a bit of chocolate, which is very fond of the queen.

A favorite fruit washes down Her Majesty glass of champagne (of course, every day open a new bottle).