Chulpan Khamatova women

• Chulpan Khamatova women

Chulpan Khamatova women

1. Women and men do not exist, there are personality, and sometimes - plankton.

2. In the men's nature - loving only himself. The prerogative of the woman - love another person more than yourself. Because, perhaps, that we have children, and you - no. From this, all our differences and contradictions.

3. We get scared. And then you have to act like a parent with a child: distraction, do not require, or even better - to tell the tale. About the fact that the shoe anywhere from Cinderella to stay, if she had at least forty-sixth the size of his feet.

4. For women, your willingness to act even more important than the act itself.

5. Nothing has to man as the ability to communicate with children.

6. Smart man is not afraid to look ridiculous. If a person is able to laugh at themselves, it speaks of his inner freedom. 7. In the Islamic world, women do not have any rights in the Western world, women have won all the rights and will not tolerate even a hint of weakness. We are somewhere in between: on the one hand, on their own, but on the other hand, will be happy if you help us to bring a heavy bag.

8. Nothing hurts like the indifference of a man, a woman crying. Man needs to understand that the tears - it's not a trick, a cataclysm, world catastrophe: exploded volcanoes, rivers burst their banks, and it is necessary to immediately stop them by any means.

9. Do not blame women for the illogical actions. They do not need to understand they have to marvel.

10. Illusion - a great thing, not only in the movies, but in real life. Love - it is primarily the work on creation of the illusory world.