Which countries Russia fought most

Can you immediately name the countries with which our country has fought most of all? Surprisingly, with countries at the head of this list, we now have no particular conflicts. But with the countries with whom we would like in the Cold War it has been a long time, never directly fights are not conducted.

Which countries Russia fought most Which countries Russia fought most


Swedes we fought a lot. If accurate, this 10 wars. However, for about two centuries, the Swedes have quite a normal relationship, and now even afraid to think that the Swedes, we were enemies.

However, in the XII century Sweden and Novgorod Republic competed for influence in the Baltic region. For a long time the fight took place for the Western Karelia. With varied success. Clashed with the Swedes, many well-known Russian tsars Ivan III, Ivan the IV, I and Fedor Alexis.

Radically changed the balance of power, you guessed it, Peter I. It was after the defeat in the Northern War, Sweden lost its power, and Russia, on the contrary, strengthened the status of a great military power. There were several attempts to take revenge on the part of Sweden (Russian-Swedish war, 1741-1743, 1788-1790, 1808-1809), but they came to nothing. As a result, Sweden in wars with Russia has lost more than a third of its territory and ceased to be a great power. And since then, divide us, in fact, nothing.

Which countries Russia fought most


Probably, if you ask anyone on the street, with whom we fought most of all, he would call it Turkey. And he is right. 12 wars for 351 years. And short periods of thaw were replaced with new aggravations in relations. And even more recently the situation was shot down by Russian military aircraft, but by the 13th war, thank God, it has not resulted. The reasons for the bloody wars were enough - Northern Black Sea Coast, North Caucasus, South Caucasus, the right of navigation in the Black Sea and its straits, the rights of Christians in the Ottoman Empire.

Officially, Russia has won in seven wars and Turkey only two. The rest of the battle - the status quo. But here the Crimean War, in which Russia formally defeated it from Turkey, is the most painful in the history of Russian-Turkish wars. But then again, the war between Russia and Turkey (Ottoman Empire) led to the fact that Turkey has lost its military power, but Russia - no.

Interestingly, the Soviet Union, despite all this rich history of confrontation with Turkey, provided this country every support. Suffice it to recall how the other for the Union considered Kemal Ataturk. In post-Soviet Russia, too, had good relations with Turkey until recently.

Which countries Russia fought most


Another eternal rival. 10 wars with Poland, is on the alignment of the minimum. Starting with the Kiev campaign Boleslaw I and ending with the Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939. Perhaps it is with Poland remained the most hostile relationship. Just what is the invasion of Poland in 1939 is still a stumbling block in relations between the two countries. For a time, Poland was part of the Russian Empire, but never put up with this state of affairs. Polish lands passed from one jurisdiction to another, but that's hostile attitude to the Russian was common among the Poles, and what must be confessed, sometimes there is an now. Although now we have nothing to share.

Which countries Russia fought most


With the French we fought four times, but in a relatively short period.

Which countries Russia fought most


From Germany there were three major wars, two of them - the world.

Which countries Russia fought most


Four times Russia and the Soviet Union entered the war against Japan.

Which countries Russia fought most


Thrice case of military conflict with China.

Which countries Russia fought most

Meeting allies on the Elbe

It turns out that it is these countries, we are historically enemies. But now all of them are either good or normal relations. It is interesting that in all the polls, Russians consider Russia an enemy of the United States, although they have never had war. Yes, we fought indirectly, but direct confrontation never happened. And with England (the popular expression "Englishwoman shits") we have encountered in the fighting so far as: during the Napoleonic Wars, 1807-1812 gg. and the Crimean War. In fact, the war alone had never been.

Despite the fact that the history of Russia - this is almost a constant history of wars, I hope that there are no fights with any countries will no longer be. We have to live together.