Fashion shoes spring-summer 2017

Women and shoes - this is a whole history of relations. If men choose the shoes in which it is convenient and comfortable, the representatives of the fairer sex pay attention to style and design. Moreover, appearance plays a primary role in the choice of fashionable obuvki.

Fashion shoes spring-summer 2017

Features seasonal trends

Fashion shoes spring-summer 2017

What's in store for the lovely ladies fashion houses? What models, colors and styles will be at its peak?

So, the season of spring-summer 2017 will be bright, stylish, unusual, unique and extravagant. Variegated colors, unexpected combinations of color palette, play styles, a combination of styles - are all present in the models, updates to women's shoes. Let us consider in more detail the main characteristics of fashion obuvki:

- Sustainability - a heel, stylish or convenient platform wedge;

- brightness - from plain to colorful models and controversial avant-garde combination of colors with unusual color choice of finish;

- prints - ethnic style, geometric or graphic design variations;

- originality in the approach to the choice of materials - in addition to the natural and artificial leather, suede and textile designers have paid attention to plastic and metal, which are widely used in the manufacture of women's shoes in this season; - decorative variety - using different decorative finishes (rhinestones, gems, sequins, glitter, ribbon, fringe, button, zipper, leather inserts, plastic, lace, crocheted items, transparent basis, etc.) makes each pair of shoes unique and unique in its kind.

Trendy fashions and styles

Fashion shoes spring-summer 2017

The world-famous designers fashionable shoes (Christian Dior, Kenzo, Roberto Cavalli, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, and others) offer contemporary women to pay attention to the following styles, styles and models of women's shoes:

1. Shoes on platform

Fashion shoes spring-summer 2017

The platform is present everywhere: from closed shoes and sandals ending-clogs. Moreover, a high platform model is more comfortable to wear than planar lower shoes move.

2. Heels

Fashion shoes spring-summer 2017

What can be sexier and more elegant than shoes with heels? However, heels heels strife. Thin pin - the constant trend of each year. Also, this season offers a variety of unusual wardrobe Silhouette: A transparent and wooden heels bevelled or rounded, spiral heel, heel-glass models with shopping brand logo.

3. Shoes Sporty

Fashion shoes spring-summer 2017

can not look less feminine and romantic In sports models. Slipony, sneakers, ballet flats, sandals, sneakers and shoes - all of these options in harmony with almost any element of a woman's wardrobe. Correctly choose the appropriate attire, athletic shoes perfect for casual-direction, romantic, traditional, youth and even business style.

4. extravagant and outrageous style

Fashion shoes spring-summer 2017

Considering the fashion trends for spring-summer 2017 wonder of imagination and creative diversity shoe designers thoughts. Do you want to look fashionable? Then feel free to buy shoes with laces, fringe, feathers, ruffles, patterns in the eastern and futuristic styles. To emphasize the originality of the image help boots, stockings thigh, made of latex or snake skin cowboy boots with open toes and heels, Moroccan slippers, boots, and fine leather shoes, shoes in bright colors with square or oval toes.

Want to learn all about the woman? Look at the style and the style of the shoe, which she prefers. The current fashion season is betting on experiments in the creation of female images.