Curious about salaries

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Curious about salaries

1. It turns out that there is a rating of the unfairly high salaries. The first place in it for many years occupied by real estate agents!

2. The famous capitalist Henry Ford ever entered the history of his sweeping gesture. 11 years after the founding of its automobile plant - it has doubled in one day salary to all employees. After that, the workers themselves have started to buy Ford cars.

3. Once the workers of one of Thomas Edison's factories went on strike, demanding a raise. The great inventor Edison did just - he made several inventions that have made the labor of these workers are absolutely unnecessary.

4. The smallest wages in the world is obtained after a UN Goodwill. Geri Halliwell, Sting, Elton John, Michael Douglas, Stevie Wonder, Luciano Pavarotti and many others received in this position for the entire salary - $ 1 per year.

5. In Japan, solid employer increases wages the employee, if he has the ability to work from home. This employer saves on expensive office space and equipping the workplace.

6. Employees of British businesses have received legitimate interest in the level of salaries of their colleagues. Employers are now required to disclose all information about the salary of employees. Although experts fear that this law will lead to the deterioration of the atmosphere in the team.

7. In England, women are paid on average 17% less than men. A woman in Russia - 26% less. 8. Scientists have calculated the best time to ask for a pay rise - is the environment of each week. On Wednesday afternoon, four of the five bosses prefer to discuss salary, according to psychologists, relying on statistical data.

9. Generalissimo Suvorov usually changed his entire salary on silver rubles, and after the battle awarded distinguished soldiers. They considered it an honor to do in the coin hole and hang it on his chest.

10. In many European offices and firms on the wall hangs a poster with the inscription: "Remember, you get paid by customers!".

11. The owner of Apple was world famous for its legendary salary - only $ 1 a year. However, for services to the company, the board of directors each year to reward the chief sum of 70 million dollars.

12. The author of the book "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll published his tale huge at that time copies - 150,000 copies. After that Carroll appealed to the leadership of the college, where he worked with the request ... to reduce his salary. Because royalties from the book is quite enough for a comfortable life.

13. Once the bus drivers in Hong Kong, demanding higher wages. Otherwise, they threatened that they would go without breaking the traffic rules! Local authorities began to fear that in the congested streets of the city it will lead to traffic jams. And they raised the salary for drivers.