Alpaca in dinosaur

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In England, in Gloucestershire, a family of farmers decided quite extraordinary way to celebrate the anniversary of his farm. So, in honor of its tenth anniversary, Smith decided to cut their alpacas under another manner, in a new way.

Alpaca in dinosaur Alpaca in dinosaur

We remind you that the alpaca - an animal that requires an annual shearing to the summer heat. Since it can be very pribolet because of warm wool. In principle, the owners of these animals mows them completely. But this time, the Smith family has decided to make an exception. So, in honor of the holiday, they sostrigla not all wool, and in some places, thus creating new images of animals.

Alpaca in dinosaur

It should be noted that the farmers approached the matter over thoroughly. Fifty-year farm mistress, Helen Smith, first create a future haircut sketch alpacas. And after all set to work. As a result, the farm were: alpaca with mohawk, alpaca poodle, zebra, alpaca, alpaca dinosaur, as well as the lion's alpaca.

Alpaca in dinosaur

According to Helen Smith, niskolechko she does not regret the lost rune, since such a haircut. Still, they have an anniversary, ten years. At the same time it is now, thanks to new, extraordinary images, the farm has gained popularity and some success.

By the way, the metamorphosis undergone only males. Females also left alone. Since the summer they need to get rid of hair in mind the health and safety of their future offspring.