Elon Musk as a talented boss

Elon Musk as a talented boss

Elon Musk has been in business in the field of revolutionary and sophisticated technology. From the side, it looks as if it is given with ease. This is no magic. This competent, emotionally-oriented and science-based management.

Throughout his career, Musk engaged in e-commerce, which earned its first state using PayPal, launched a new American car company the Tesla, reinvented the "roof with solar panels" and upgraded the space flights.

In addition, he performed well in the field of scrap processing, the production of trucks and improvement of artificial intelligence.

This dizzying list of achievements was given not without effort

A recent report by the nonprofit organization of labor protection has shown that the percentage of injuries at the plant Fremont company Tesla above the national average.

For understanding: according to the report, over the past three years on the Tesla factory to 100 workers accounted for 8, 8 injuries compared to the 6, 7 injuries in the automotive industry as a whole.

Prior to the publication of that report, which was scheduled for February, Musk urged his team to report any accident and make safety a priority. Here is an excerpt from his email: "... on January 1, the percentage of injuries we fell to 3, 3, is less than half the industry average - 6.7.

Of course, our goal is to make this figure was as close as possible to zero, so we must continue to improve. "

Manage stress through

For the entire 2014 Tesla factory produced 31,655 cars. Only in the first quarter of 2017 - 25 000. It is easy to calculate that Tesla production has tripled.

One can imagine that growing team of workers, is under constant pressure.

In February, Musk personally wrote to employees:

"The forces against us are incredibly powerful. It is David versus Goliath, if David was six inches high! Only by being smarter, faster and working better as a really close-knit team, we have a chance of success.

We must never forget the history of motor start-ups, which have their sources in the United States: dozens of bankrupt, and only two, Tesla, and the Ford, no. "

Elon Musk as a talented boss

Betting on team building

Among the Tesla, after 4 years of probation, payment of an average factory worker by about 100 thousand dollars a year is higher than his colleagues in a similar position in a Ford, GM or Chrysler.

This is a very good pay, of course, if you stay in one piece for a trial period. But this is not surprising, because Musk - engineer, famous for the creation of teams that are well versed in counting. Such as, for example, brilliant physics SpaceX.

So how did he react to the obvious gap in terms of Tesla and the organization's OSH?

Elon Musk as a talented boss

Musk upset

"No words can express how much I worry about your safety and well-being. I hurt my heart when someone is injured, struggling to make a successful Tesla"

Instead of blaming someone or something to explain, Musk goes to the crux of the problem, emphasizing the loss of their team and showing their value in this letter.

This is a strong example of how a world-class leader to cope with the real problem.

Then he puts himself under attack:

"Looking ahead, I asked about each injury reported directly to me, without any exceptions. I meet with the security team every week and would like to meet with each victim as soon as they feel better.

So I can understand what needs to be done to improve the situation. Personally, I'll go down to the production line and do the same, that they are doing "

Musk is doing what he has done in the past, when faced with a serious problem: it passes through. Thus, it gets information based on his personal experience. He urged his managers to do the same and report "from the front", rather than to live in isolation from reality.

"Managers should always put safety above his own team" - he wrote.

Likewise Musk cope with fear - he turns emotions into action.

Elon Musk as a talented boss

What can happen if the mask will take the initiative in their own hands?

labor resources would not prevent the upgrade.

The first American unions were formed in the 1880s. Musk disillusioned with the ineffectiveness of the status quo and determined to bring in the industry who are marking time in one place, fresh scientific ideas.

A vivid example is SpaceX, which grew out of the frustration mask in the obsolete space industry, he was trying to purchase. Another example is Hyperloop, vacuum train project.

All this can become part of a rethinking of US production, which should be developed. And, no doubt, will continue to be just interesting.