Soaps, ending where fans liked

• Shows that fans liked the ending

The creators of the popular show is not always possible to complete the story so that the fans were satisfied. Here are five cases in which they did it.

1. "Friends" (Friends, 1994-2004)

After adventures in the ten years long in the company of thirty-year New Yorkers, fans of "Friends" finally got the desired final. Ross and Rachel back together, Monica and Chandler adopted twins Phoebe happily married to Mike. And Joe finally gets a role in a new show.

Soaps, ending where fans liked

Each of the characters is sent in its own way. And the final scene, in which the last time they are going to become home to the coffee house Central Perk, to skip a cup of coffee, a long time sinks into the soul.

2. "Breaking Bad" (Breaking Bad, 2008-2013)

Long enough fans wondering whether the show's writers will be able to beautifully finish the story of Walter White, the last path from a cancer patient's ailing teacher to a formidable drug lord. But they succeeded.

Soaps, ending where fans liked

Mr. White tried to correct all what he had done before he died. He gave an impressive legacy of family and freed from the slavery of former partner Jesse Pinkman. Hero dies peacefully at perfect right moment song Baby Blue. The best ending, it seems, could not be.

3. "The Wire" (The Wire, 2002-2008)

Most of the characters all ended well. McNulty said his enforced retirement, Karketti elected governor and Babbls tied with drugs.

Soaps, ending where fans liked

But "The Wire" would not be "wiretapping", not tragedy. Dukes favorite pupil was shot in an alley, the poor man fell into the same trap as the Babbls year earlier. Tragic end of a brilliant finale worthy of applause.

4. "The Clinic" (The Scrubs, 2001-2009)

Just in case we do not take into account the ninth season, which in fact became a spin-offom involving several familiar characters.

Soaps, ending where fans liked

The protagonist decides to finally leave the hospital, to be closer to his son. The final scene, in which he says goodbye to all the characters of the series, and then finally gets long-awaited hug from Dr. Cox obnoxious, seems like the perfect farewell to JD after eight years together.

5. "An American Crime" (American crime story, 2016- ...)

Each season of the show will be dedicated to a different story. Therefore, it is already possible to discuss the finale of the first season, telling about the case the athlete OJ Simpson.

Soaps, ending where fans liked

Yes, it is possible to avoid the sentence, nearly destroying the life of cute viewer chief prosecutor and his assistant. But in the end he is all alone, left by friends and family, surrounded by wealth, which no longer mean anything.