Bella Borodkin - woman, sentenced to death in the USSR

• Bella Borodkin - woman, sentenced to death in the USSR

Bella Borodkin in the 1970s and early 1980s. Gelendzhik charge of catering equipment, was considered a respected person. And then suddenly she was arrested and sentenced to capital punishment. So did the women in the aftermath of Stalin's repression only twice, and then only with a serial killer. What is the guilty employee catering - later in the review.

Bella Borodkin - woman, sentenced to death in the USSR Bella Borodkin - woman, sentenced to death in the USSR

Food service in the USSR.

Bella Naumovna Borodkin start your way to success with a simple barmaid positions in Gelendzhik. When her husband died a few years after the wedding, she plunged headlong into the work. Her career developed rapidly: 10 years Bell was promoted to director of the restaurant, and then she was entrusted to supervise the local network canteens, cafes and restaurants.

When in Gelendzhik frequented by high-ranking guests, treat them to trust only Bella Naumovna. After all, only so she could dispose of the kitchen, that the tables are simply bursting with delicacies and specialties.

Bella Borodkin - woman, sentenced to death in the USSR

Chefs cook stuffed pike.

In exchange for a "hospitality" Bella Borodkin zapoluchala high-ranking patrons, turned a blind eye to fraud, which involved the hostess Gelendzhik catering. But there was, what to look for.

Bella Borodkin - woman, sentenced to death in the USSR

The restaurant staff.

Bella Borodkin started its way from the bottom, so she knew how to make a "Soviet cuisine". While it was difficult to find a place where to bring portions of fat, and customers do not give light weight. Being in a high position, Bella herself taught employees how to dilute the brandy cheap Stark (strong rye vodka), and tea and coffee to tint burnt sugar. Such economy turned around dozens of hundreds of rubles on their way to Borodkin pocket. Moreover, all the canteens and restaurants of the trust, which controls Bell Naumovna had to bring her daily "tribute." If someone refused to pay, then immediately dismiss. Of their income Borodkin passed "up", and so she was sure of his invulnerability. Setting nicknamed her the "Iron Bella."

Bella Borodkin - woman, sentenced to death in the USSR

This lasted until 1982. Then in the Soviet Union began to appear VCRs and, accordingly, videocassettes. The film was shown secretly wishing for the money. And those who wanted to see the "strawberry", for it is laid out several times more. It should be noted that for showing pornographic material provided for the period. When in Gelendzhik cafe detained several distributors, they immediately pointed to the "Iron Bell", claiming that the film screenings carried out with its consent.

It would seem that, Bella, "pierced" in the sheer trifle if you compare the scale of its machinations. But for some reason, the police seized it for this episode. In fact, "dismantling" were at the top. Growing tension between supporters of Brezhnev and Andropov. And when Yuri Andropov became the Soviet Union at the helm, he immediately launched a campaign against corruption in the Kuban region in November 1982.

Bella Borodkin - woman, sentenced to death in the USSR

Gelendzhik. Restaurant "Mayak".

The first secretary of the Krasnodar Territory Party Committee Medunov S. was under the personal patronage of Leonid Brezhnev, so after his death, the prosecutor's office actively engaged in the affairs of Medunov and his inner circle, which includes the Bella Borodkin. The episode of the forbidden films became a formal reason for the arrest of "Iron Bella." When it came for law enforcement officials, Ms. Borodkin even grinned - they say, would not have had to apologize to her. But the woman did not let either the next day or even a week. Patrons who for so many years allowed her to carry out large-scale frauds, were now even worse off.

Gastronomy in Gelendzhik.

When a search was carried out in Bella's apartment, police were shocked by what they saw. Her house looked like a warehouse: everywhere were heaps of crystal, furs, scarce linen sets, jewelery, gold. And the money ... lots of money. Bundles of notes found in clothes, rolled banks, in the batteries. Total found more than 500 thousand rubles. By Soviet standards - it was huge money.

Bella Borodkin held in custody for a year. During this time she was not to know: from a respectable lady, she turned to a harried old woman. In August 1983 a woman was shot, too many "uncomfortable", she knew about the high faces of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.